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Falling Leaves Candle

Falling Leaves Candle

Embrace the essence of a crisp autumn day with our Falling Leaves scented candle, a fragrance crafted to capture the enchanting beauty of the season's transition. This scent invites you on a sensory journey through a tapestry of earthy aromas and vibrant foliage.

At its core, Falling Leaves opens with a symphony of fresh apple intertwined with verdant green notes, evoking the nostalgic scent of orchards on a brisk day. The heart of this fragrance is an aromatic blend of clove, cinnamon, smoky guaic wood, and hints of berry, painting a vivid picture of crackling fires and woodland strolls.

As the fragrance unfurls, it settles into a base of cedarwood, patchouli, olibanum, and sweet musk, adding depth and complexity to the composition. This harmonious fusion of notes creates an ambiance that evokes the crunch of fallen leaves underfoot, the cool breeze, and the warmth of autumnal hues.

More than just a scent, our Falling Leaves candle embodies the spirit of the changing seasons, inviting you to savor the fleeting beauty of fall. Whether you seek to infuse your space with the nostalgia of autumn or simply revel in the coziness of the season, let Falling Leaves transport you to a serene landscape adorned with nature's vibrant palette.

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